Jain Glitter is an idea to associate the Jain community for knowing the Jain families. It will be a platform to know about the Jain Dharam etc. 

Organization goal is to share detailed knowledge about Jain Dharam. Which will be supported to promote our religion.  


Jain Dharam is one of the best religion in the world, who believes in   

                              “JIO AUR JINE DO” & “AHINSA PARMO DHARAM”. 

Jain Dharam always follows SHAKAHAAR.  

We all are using facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. There we use to post so many messages but no one is caring for our religion.  

Let’s come and join Jain Glitter, we will use it as social media but there we will talk about our community.  

What is the strength of JAINISM: TO CONTROL YOUR 

You can also share your business details.  

The matrimonial facility will be there. You can select/find your life partner on the same portal.  

Please use and play JAIN GLITTER or send us your suggestions about how we can improve it, which is better for our community. 


Jain Glitters